lots of rolled up carpet and underlay ready for removal

Carpet Removal – Prices & Examples of Carpet, Offcuts and Underlays

1 November 2021

Ever wondered how much carpet removal costs in the UK? Here is the kind for you! Find out how you can lower the costs of carpet, offcut and underlay removal and why prices sometimes vary below.

Carpet removal costs

The price for a licensed waste contractor to remove carpet, offcuts and underlay for one room from your home is £20 - £80 including VAT.

Prices vary depending on the size of the room, if the carpet is wet or dry, how soon you require a collection if you're disposing of any other waste types in the same collection. It also depends on the time and day of collection, and where it's being collected from. For more help on how to efficiently remove your carpet, we've created a Carpet Disposal Guide to help!


How to lower the cost of carpet collection

There are a few different ways you can keep costs down:

  • Keep the carpet dry - wet carpet is heavier than dry and will make the collection more expensive
  • Uplift the carpet yourself - this will save the collector time & save you money
  • Cut the carpet into smaller sections and roll it up to make it easier for the collector to carry and load the van
  • Leave your carpet as close as possible to the van so they don't have far to carry it to the van

For help on how to uplift your own carpet, check out our carpet uplift guide.


Example carpet removal prices

Below are the latest examples of how much collectors are charging for carpet disposal. Visit LoveJunk's Carpet Removal Service page for today's best prices.


Carpet, underlay & rugs, £45

Bags of old carpet, £151

Rolled carpet, £55

Carpets, laminate and underlay, £130

Carpet and underlay, £70

Large roll of carpet, £30

Underlay and carpet, £65

Carpet, £40

Wet carpet, £100

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