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To create a free listing tap on the Google Play or App Store link below to install the LoveJunk app. 

Snap a photo, set your price and list your junk. Get matched with a nearby licensed collector in minutes.

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Carpet collection help

Will the collector pull up my old carpet? Yes, if you specify this in your listing description. So, when a collector claims a job they know the agreed price covers the uplift, removal and disposal.

How much does it cost? Price depends on how much carpet you have, when you want it collected and how many collectors are available at that time to collect.  LoveJunk is a marketplace, so offer a price and see how collectors react. They will counter offer a higher price if they think yours is too low. More info

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We’re helping clean up the rubbish business

LoveJunk is AnyJunk’s baby sister.  We’re a marketplace designed to make bulky waste collection cheaper, safer and more sustainable.  

We’re using technology to simplify process, cut wasted miles, encourage reuse and reduce prices.

Help us make a difference by using LoveJunk and sharing the service with your friends.

All bulky waste, not just old carpet

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Trade & DIY

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Household Bulky

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Garden Waste

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Office Furniture